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perdr File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
apicache.cpp [code]
apicache.h [code]
apiexp.h [code]
bitcompat.h [code]
build.cpp [code]
byteinfo.cpp [code]
byteinfo.h [code]
code.cpp [code]
code.h [code]
codeglob.cpp [code]
codeglob.h [code]
codeprn.cpp [code]
codescan.cpp [code]
codescan.h [code]
compilecheck.hpp [code]
data.cpp [code]
debug.cpp [code]
debug.h [code]
element.h [code]
f77auto_ptr [code]
file.cpp [code]
file.hpp [code]
fixvect.hpp [code]
func.cpp [code]
func.h [code]
global.h [code]
heuristic.cpp [code]
heuristic.h [code]
memtype.h [code]
module.cpp [code]
module.h [code]
options.cpp [code]
options.h [code]
param.cpp [code]
param.h [code]
pefile.cpp [code]
pefile.hpp [code]
peformat.h [code]
perdr.cpp [code]
perdroption.cpp [code]
perdroptions.h [code]
persrc.cpp [code]
persrc.h [code]
range.hpp [code]
rawdump.cpp [code]
rawdump.h [code]
references.cpp [code]
references.h [code]
registers.cpp [code]
registers.h [code]
relocationinfo.cpp [code]
relocationinfo.h [code]
rva.cpp [code]
rva.h [code]
signfile.cpp [code]
signfile.hpp [code]
symbols.cpp [code]
symbols.h [code]
x86dasm.cpp [code]
x86dasm.h [code]
x86instr.cpp [code]
x86instr.h [code]
x86istr.cpp [code]
x86istr.h [code]
x86istri.h [code]
x86regs.h [code]
x86table.cpp [code]
x86table.h [code]

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