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bitcompat.h File Reference

#include <inttypes.h>

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#define DWORD   __@undefined@__
#define INT   __@undefined@__
#define UINT   __@undefined@__
#define LONG   __@undefined@__
#define ULONG   __@undefined@__


typedef long int3264_t
typedef unsigned long uint3264_t

Define Documentation

#define DWORD   __@undefined@__

Definition at line 81 of file bitcompat.h.

#define INT   __@undefined@__

Definition at line 82 of file bitcompat.h.

#define LONG   __@undefined@__

Definition at line 84 of file bitcompat.h.

#define UINT   __@undefined@__

Definition at line 83 of file bitcompat.h.

#define ULONG   __@undefined@__

Definition at line 85 of file bitcompat.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef long int3264_t

Definition at line 72 of file bitcompat.h.

typedef unsigned long uint3264_t

Definition at line 73 of file bitcompat.h.

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