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x86dasm.h File Reference

#include "x86instr.h"
#include "module.h"

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class  InstructionDecoder
struct  InstTable


#define INSTPROCDECL(proc)


int addr_bytes
bool p3enable
bool k6_3DNow_enable
bool k6_en_3DNow_enable
bool athlon_enable

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static int proc(InstructionDecoder* _this, uchar opcode, \
                  int special, Instruction& instruction)

Definition at line 96 of file x86dasm.h.

Variable Documentation

int addr_bytes

Definition at line 32 of file x86dasm.h.

Referenced by InstructionDecoder::Decode(), inst_init(), INSTPROCDECL(), InstructionDecoder::mod0(), and InstructionDecoder::mod2().

bool athlon_enable

Definition at line 41 of file x86dasm.h.

bool k6_3DNow_enable

Definition at line 37 of file x86dasm.h.

Referenced by INSTPROCDECL().

bool k6_en_3DNow_enable

Definition at line 39 of file x86dasm.h.

Referenced by INSTPROCDECL().

bool p3enable

Definition at line 35 of file x86dasm.h.

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