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codescan.cpp File Reference

#include "global.h"
#include "signfile.hpp"
#include "module.h"
#include "code.h"
#include "codeglob.h"
#include "x86istr.h"
#include "heuristic.h"
#include "codescan.h"
#include "utils/f77auto_ptr"

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class  MachineStatusReg
class  ScanningComplexReg


bool IsCodePointer (const ByteInfos &byteInfo, vma_t address)

Function Documentation

bool IsCodePointer const ByteInfos   byteInfo,
vma_t    address

Definition at line 258 of file codescan.cpp.

References ByteInfo::GetType(), ByteInfo::len, ByteInfo::typePointer, and vma_t.

Referenced by CodeParser::ExecuteComplexReferenceMemory().

00259 {
00260   const ByteInfo& info = byteInfo[address];
00261   if (info.len != addr_bytes)
00262     return false;
00263   if (info.GetType() != ByteInfo::typePointer)
00264     return false;
00265   return true;
00266 }

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