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file.hpp File Reference

#include <stdio.h>

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class  CFile
class  ICFile


template<class T> void RawRead (ICFile &file, T &x)
template<class T> void RawWrite (ICFile &file, const T &x)

Function Documentation

template<class T>
void RawRead ICFile   file,
T &    x

Definition at line 71 of file file.hpp.

References ICFile::RawRead().

Referenced by MarkImport(), PeFile::ParseExport(), PeFile::ParseImport(), PeFile::ParseRelocations(), ParseResourceDirectory(), PeFile::PeFile(), and WriteIcons().

00072 {
00073   file.RawRead(&x,sizeof(T));
00074 }

template<class T>
void RawWrite ICFile   file,
const T &    x

Definition at line 77 of file file.hpp.

References ICFile::RawWrite().

Referenced by WriteIcons().

00078 {
00079   file.RawWrite(&x,sizeof(T));
00080 }

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