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Latest version

Latest version is 0.0108b


This program is a console mode PE (Windows Portable Executable) viewer/disassembler.
There are many work to do.

I currently use vim and gcc 4 to compile this program but should work with any standard C++ compiler (it was developed with Anjuta).
It worked with Visual C++ 6.0 (tested till version 0.0104b). Tested with HP ia64 compiler and SKI emulator (version 0.008b). Not work with big-endian machine :(. It support full Pentium III instructions, old Intel processors instructions (old system 486 instructions, 8087 and 80287 opcodes), 3DNow!, mostly SSE (1, 2 and 3 version) and Athlon extensions.

How it work

This program, instead of parse all for code, try to follow code as a microprocessor (follow jump, call, etc). It produce (I hope) better reversing code. But is more complex, slow and contain MANY more bug.

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Frediano Ziglio
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