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Note: For server problem you must download the program without GetRight, wget or similar tools. Download with your browser. If you have other problem please email me.

From version 0.008 you can build rpm packages with this simple command:

> rpm -ta

or using newer rpm versions

> rpmbuild -ta

Download from SourceForge

Version 0.0108b - 08 Oct 2006
  • from patch from Jason Hood:
    • recognise float types (ByteInfo::typeFloat)
    • allow -1 in arrays
    • added the functions to dump raw bytes and output C-escaped strings
    • added more instructions to GetUseType (adapted)
    • Windows API function argument reference (winapifn.lst file)
    • custom function aliases and arguments (customfn.lst file)
    • comparison instructions will use condition codes, other instructions flags (eg: "cmp eax, 0" / "je ADDR", but "test eax, eax" / "jz ADDR")
    • made the "Referenced by" output an option, instead just using delineators to indicate calls ("========") and jumps/constants ("--------"), also indicating how many forward/backward references (eg: "=1<=2>==" means this function is called once before this address and twice after)
  • mark reference detected in complex reference and use them
  • dump even data
  • update floating point disassembly (up to Pentium 4)
Download PEReaDeR 0.0108b windows (244kb) [md5=3eaf2cd8b731cda0d740138b5baffefb clicks=277].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0108b linux (151kb) [md5=dcf4b0cc69276e184e0bac2788fb7e21 clicks=71].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0108b Redhat 9 Intel redhat (159kb) [md5=482d0159e19047965c45c0e2945e8e41 clicks=54].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0108b generic source (319kb) [md5=6a6b1fb09bc9e7bf4aa16a70b4c7185a clicks=79].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0108b Source RPM 4 redhat (321kb) [md5=7dad4c4cd289cb4503733dcb393761b3 clicks=69].


Version 0.0107b - 03 Oct 2006
  • from patch from Jason Hood:
    • if there are no code sections, treat the section containing EP as code
    • primitive recognition of Unicode strings (`(StringData)L"unicode"') !!! WONDERFUL !!!
    • display only the first 100 characters of strings
    • if the instruction is 11 bytes, keep the bytes on one line
    • display strings using "StringZ" pseudo-instruction (adapted)
    • display base address using 2, 4 or 8 digits, depending on its value
    • add a tab after BYTE/WORD/DWORD
    • made the REP actual prefixes for string instructions (eg: "rep movsb")
    • added short options for most of the long
    • added --show-cRef for the original "Referenced by" display (calls)
    • added --show-URef for the original "Referenced by" display (uncond. jumps)
    • added --show-CRef for the original "Referenced by" display (cond. jumps)
    • added --show-refs for the original "Referenced by" display (all of above)
    • add space after each colon in DLL display (eg: "Addr:xxx" -> "Addr: xxx")
    • minor fixes
  • added --no-entry-code options to specify that entry point does not point to code (happen with some driver)

For developers

  • add GetLiteralSize support for offsets in Param
  • add Instruction::IsNop (adapted from Jason patch)
Download PEReaDeR 0.0107b windows (173kb) [md5=4ab5b8a9d1d52b9839cb14ebf8bf3712 clicks=77].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0107b linux (82kb) [md5=cff55d60b0b6736e46d7958a912fe40b clicks=53].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0107b generic source (251kb) [md5=5974e44bbd1a91824a3f606f316f2342 clicks=56].


Version 0.0106b - 26 Sep 2006
  • from patch from Jason Hood:
    • reduced the file header, added option for original display
    • dump known resource types, added option for original display
    • use three columns to display relocations
    • added space after the comma (eg: "mov al, 0")
    • only use "repe" (and "repne", not "repnz") when appropriate, "rep" otherwise
    • made the REP actual prefixes for string instructions (eg: "rep movsb")
    • "normalised" the condition codes
    • added --full-headers(-H) for the original headers display
    • added --raw-resources(-R) for the original resource display
    • replace "Ord." with "Ord#"

For developer

  • changed GetStringStats to IsPossibleString
Download PEReaDeR 0.0106b windows (171kb) [md5=eaebad5d5d3bb23097ed229dd24a0550 clicks=66].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0106b linux (81kb) [md5=5d9ae5c2f6f4f83f13987374fa91aebf clicks=58].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0106b Redhat 9 Intel redhat (99kb) [md5=9b4ce061f11197ee4e220f003b8acbac clicks=52].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0106b generic source (249kb) [md5=f5f903d15d2060d466f407400859056f clicks=57].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0106b Source RPM 4 redhat (253kb) [md5=491bc891f92b740e6688950a2335ca18 clicks=64].


Version 0.0105b - 21 Sep 2006
  • from patch from Jason Hood:
    • BUG FIX fix crash fix crash when importing by ordinal
    • BUG FIX some typo fix
    • BUG FIX FEMMS & PREFETCH (swapped opcodes)
    • BUG FIX MOVLPS (swapped src/dst)
    • BUG FIX ARPL (EwGw not EvGv)
    • TEST/XCHG ("mem,reg" instead of "reg,mem")
    • improve a lot disasm adding SSE/SSE2
    • start float handling
    • enhanced x86test (read from file, read bytes on command line)
  • BUG FIX read correctly across sections
  • enable warning if compiled with gcc
  • do not use CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS in configure
Download PEReaDeR 0.0105b windows (254kb) [md5=52039e67d67d7bf9ce715ca2bd6e0dd5 clicks=65].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0105b linux (76kb) [md5=33b192610307d05663f18b971c29cb6f clicks=63].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0105b generic source (244kb) [md5=6ed9f92af6b00d6c2af679b2bbdac101 clicks=55].


Version 0.0104b - 04 Jan 2004
  • fix dll search under win32
Download PEReaDeR 0.0104b windows (117kb) [md5=fbe98ac7afca1fb9e1d53ef28d0e5342 clicks=630].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0104b linux (82kb) [md5=ba8cdb18cf0f0a9ac985c977fd395d0a clicks=111].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0104b Redhat 9 Intel redhat (81kb) [md5=5abae41d5383d3b9e927380f035d8dfe clicks=91].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0104b generic source (248kb) [md5=5884b41bd5f1647dab3eab0a2603bc96 clicks=136].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0104b Source RPM 4 redhat (249kb) [md5=071884de03d5ae543cf2be3bec734018 clicks=144].


Version 0.0103b - 21 May 2003
  • BUG FIX DevC++ produced buggy executable
  • ADD --addr-start --addr-end options to disassemble partially

For developer

  • Rewritten options code
Download PEReaDeR 0.0103b windows (117kb) [md5=1d1d990e70577d8c7f70884e9292ea1b clicks=465].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0103b linux (91kb) [md5=96796bd64d29953b54acf48aba2d8ad3 clicks=123].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0103b Redhat 7.x Intel redhat (87kb) [md5=d8e41b497bd9ad69e2ada6e178e46300 clicks=93].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0103b generic source (237kb) [md5=6debd7e7a24475aa679d2f7f7bd4f263 clicks=147].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0103b Source RPM 4 redhat (238kb) [md5=409038d0c0670d8794db487bb05b1539 clicks=78].


Version 0.0102b - 2 February 2003
  • BUG FIX do not try to search full api name for export
  • ADD print possible strings references (idea and partial implementation from Jeremy Smith)
  • ADD find external dll to read full api names (if ordinal) (used current directory on Unix, SearchPath on windows)

For developer

  • OutOfAddress is now global
  • cleanup and constification
  • new ::DataReader class (removing dependency for dasm)
  • renames ReadByte/Word/Dword in ReadU8/U16LE/U32LE (now only on DataReader)
Download PEReaDeR 0.0102b windows (118kb) [md5=1bdeaa43fe8bb57c942cff93c819e501 clicks=979].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0102b linux (91kb) [md5=425497131437b519481873fe82fa1430 clicks=129].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0102b Redhat 7.x Intel redhat (87kb) [md5=aa7b27a34880f6f019ba219b596de917 clicks=100].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0102b generic source (227kb) [md5=28d7e26e1802bbb8da8c9bf0040dcbe9 clicks=254].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0102b Source RPM 4 redhat (228kb) [md5=41a3d779af5723986f8f9170baac251f clicks=109].


Version 0.0101b - 1 January 2003
  • updated DevC++ project
  • BUG FIX print wrong disassembly on some cases (without -b option)
  • a bit faster

For developer

  • renamed api to symbol and FileByte to ObjectModule
  • review Relocation classes for bfd use
  • move Symbols and entryPoint infos into ObjectModule
  • many cleanup
  • new mode to read object (ObjectModule::DataReader class)
Download PEReaDeR 0.0101b windows (109kb) [md5=5d566a8379fd19cabb2816f401d3d880 clicks=610].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0101b linux (86kb) [md5=cf2f9e788a8f474dacc03e948462ec1c clicks=100].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0101b Redhat 7.x Intel redhat (82kb) [md5=d276661dd0a2131370778ccc54dc9c94 clicks=98].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0101b generic source (228kb) [md5=61ed50920f4e1d5f53b5f0b5c8adf12b clicks=164].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0101b Source RPM 4 redhat (230kb) [md5=6fffbcb6cea09e3ce19535b10948310e clicks=99].


Version 0.0100b - 1 August 2002
  • ADD add ws2_32 to cache
  • BUG FIX fix overlapped instruction printing output
  • BUG FIX filler skip relocation on 0 byte sequences
  • BUG FIX fix overlapping beetween code and data
Download PEReaDeR 0.0100b windows (112kb) [md5=6abd90bb8292248cf41914bbba1498bf clicks=1247].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0100b linux (87kb) [md5=7fe0d0ffc49f18024bb5c6e206c74ea6 clicks=237].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0100b Redhat 7.x Intel redhat (82kb) [md5=c7712f87c55827a030c2f6ce29169d80 clicks=178].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0100b generic source (191kb) [md5=266e251ec12965de867d3f4cea702297 clicks=344].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0100b Source RPM 4 redhat (193kb) [md5=b9960563b59270deda104892c5d90077 clicks=171].


Version 0.0099b - 29 July 2002
  • ADD print import name if imported by ordinal
  • BUG FIX if unknown data contain relocation are printed as DWORD, not single bytes (this is the main reason for this fast release)
Download PEReaDeR 0.0099b windows (112kb) [md5=88faded5f0cbb4d4d0886c5945570a29 clicks=279].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0099b linux (86kb) [md5=ce25e42f08e4c501adccf4e86b36b5ce clicks=140].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0099b Redhat 7.x Intel redhat (81kb) [md5=4abf55f5ea85eac798f66aa26ab802d4 clicks=136].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0099b generic source (190kb) [md5=cff9ea29530bf124a76cfd5595e5891d clicks=157].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0099b Source RPM 4 redhat (192kb) [md5=bee3704a744c370454e98fce31f7e1f4 clicks=122].


Version 0.0098b - 25 July 2002
  • removed ole2 and added odbc32 from cache
  • print hexadecimal file characteristics
  • print more flag of file characteristics
  • filled some missing directory names
Download PEReaDeR 0.0098b windows (108kb) [md5=bc5c842bf9c02a1b92366710dba1056c clicks=362].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0098b linux (85kb) [md5=651633520feb1d1e5f897c1add1fee80 clicks=140].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0098b Redhat 7.x Intel redhat (81kb) [md5=be0cb54d99eb3ce76cd250175ce4a9b9 clicks=127].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0098b generic source (190kb) [md5=5581fa701ad22724a07c22885ffe9861 clicks=179].
Download PEReaDeR 0.0098b Source RPM 4 redhat (191kb) [md5=bdc9234b6f49abf09eff9bc24a5e970f clicks=116].


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