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perdr [options] <executable>
Options are similar to Posix semantic

-- end option (useful if filename start with -)
--help print help screen
-v, --version print version
-b, --bytes show bytes on disassembly
-p, --show-priority show disassembler priority
--raw-dump don't disassemble, print only raw bytes
--extract-icon-resource extract icon into separate files (resicoX.ico)
--no-entry-code do not assume entry point points to code
--disable-3dnow disable 3DNow! disassembly (even enhanced)
--disable-enh3dnow disable enhanced 3DNow! disassembly
--disable-pentium3 disable Pentium III disassembly
--disable-athlon disable Athlon disassembly
-h, --show-headers show short headers
-H, --full-headers show full headers
-i, --show-imports show imports
--show-relocations show relocations
-e, --show-exports show exports
-r, --show-resources show resources
-R, --raw-resources show resources in raw format
-c, --show-code show code or dump
--show-cref show call references
--show-Uref show unconditional jump references
--show-Cref show conditional jump references
--show-refs show all references

This reverse the executable to screen


"secure code":
 entry point code executed by entry point
 safe export code executed by known export (not yet implemented)
 safe heuristics code executed by heuristics (very sure code)
"not secure":
 export code executed by export (mm.. not all export are code)
 heuristics code executed by heuristics (not very sure, like a single call found)
 constant only a constant in code
 filler only printed for completion
 none this is not code
 check only wow! If you find there is a bug

Work to do

- This program assume that code segment contain only code
- More check

- Data analysis completing
- String checking completing
- More option (no code analysis, some check skipping, etc)
- Resource analysis and dumping
- Relocation analysis and test on data pointers
- Heuristic motor completing
- Some instruction process are incomplete (complex reference)
- Unknown bytes analysis (not only code)
- Print of some type (float or MMX). Now only in raw mode (binary)

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