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sf16fmr2 driver

11 March 2004
Included in 2.6.4 kernel

16 January 2004
Fix type on this README
I saw someone still download file from my site... perhaps someone is still using 2.2.x kernel.

8 April 2003
Shride (RedHat 9) contain sf16fmr2 driver !!!

26 December 2002
Use assigned video ID (35)
Module integrated in 2.4.21-pre2

01 December 2002
Start integrating directly in kernel (2.4.20)

04 October 2002
Tip for RedHat 8 user:
Use same method written below for RH 7.x...

26 December 2001
Fix for 2.4.7 kernel
For RedHat 7.x user: Makefile want kernel sources in /usr/src/linux, so after install package kernel-source do

> cd /usr/src
> ln -s linux-2.4 linux

15 December 2001
Fixed compilation with newer kernel

25 November 2001
Done make install

29 April 2001
Adapted to kernel version 2.4.2 (still work on 2.2.x kernels).

25 February 2001
This is my first driver for linux... but it should work without problem (it's very simple).
I use kernel version 2.2.14 (from RedHat 6.2). Now I upgraded the kernel to 2.2.18 and still continue to run. Also I have increased a delay for some problem.

set frequency
mute handling
detect stereo or mono

Simply type

> make

to build the module for the kernel
(do a strip too if you don't want to debug :-) ). Your kernel must be configured for module and video4linux. I never tried to include into the kernel.

If this doesn't work try to rename Makefile.nomodver to Makefile and make

Simply type

> make install

to install module on 2.4.x kernel (and compile if not)

I above do not function try manual installation:

copy radio-sf16fmr2.o to /lib/modules/xxxx/misc (where xxxx is your 2.2.x kernel version) or /lib/modules/xxxx/kernel/drivers/media/radio (where xxxx is your 2.4.x kernel version) and do a

> depmod -a


> modprobe radio-sf16fmr2

and load your best tuner program!
I added the line

> alias radio radio-sf16fmr2

to conf.modules (or modules.conf) to load it with a

> modprobe radio

If you have compiled with Makefile.nomodver add these two line to your conf.modules file

> add below radio-sf16fmr2 videodev
> alias radio radio-sf16fmr2

If you want to autoload the driver on needed try adding these lines your conf.modules (or modules.conf) file It work fine on my PC. If it doesn't work use above instruction

> alias char-major-81 videodev
> alias char-major-81-64 radio-sf16fmr2

There is no signal handling (scanning doesn't work).

Frediano Ziglio,


sf16fmr2.tgz (6kb) [md5=6a4d5c2057efff7a866a059b14dd32c9 clicks=1431].
Patch for 2.4.20 kernel (6kb) [md5=5a35c17235a8d612088dbf63589e0f99 clicks=484].
Patch for 2.6.2 kernel (4kb) [md5=69b81a25e72d5d6fdb77061f7e6f4554 clicks=292].

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